What Type of Roofing Lasts the Longest?

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To be able to answer this, our team needs to think about some of the significant factors which contribute to long-time wearing. In addition to that, the team of professionals also need to take into consideration how durable and strong the roof materials are and how likely those materials can resist certain damages. The following are some of the significant factors you need to consider: 

  1. 1. Local Climate – Wind, rain and weather systems.
  2. Building Design – How the design of your roof is favorable or not, to potential dangers. For instance, a building designed in industrial or commercial zones seem to be more likely to experience residue, exhaust and chemical hazards, diminishing or reducing the lifespan of your roof.
  3. Environmental Factors – This includes wildlife hazards as well.
  4. Implementation – How the roof has been installed professionally.
  5. Material – What type of materials is selected to cover your roofing – ranging from wood shake and foam, tile or concrete, slate, metal as well as asphalt, amongst others.

The homeowners, of course, have a limited ability to regulate all of these factors however, the one factor which the owner of the house can only control is the materials to be used for their next roofing. With that being said, it is very important that the roofing is properly installed by certified, reliable and experienced roofing installation service providers. Roofing installation done the wrong way can definitely cost homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a short or long-term project, which means that further roofing repairs or in worse cases, a second roofing installation might be needed.  

As a matter of fact, the other way around is true as well. You could have poor quality of materials however, once they are installed the right way, your roofing can actually last longer than high-quality items installed by a non-professional roofing installation service provider. An average roofing lifespan ranges up to 20 to 25 years, or even longer. However, some materials improve their life quite significantly.   

 Average Lifespan of Different Roofing Materials 

Asphalt Shingle 0 20 to 25 years 

Steel or Metal – 40 to 60 years 

Foam – 20 to 25 years 

Concrete or Tile – 50 years or more 

Slate – 50 years or more 

Wood Shake – 15 to 18 years 

Single Ply – 25 to 35 years 

Built-Up – 20 to 30 years 

A roofing system can only last, depending on how you take care of it. Poorly maintained roofing decreases its lifespan significantly. Your roofing might be of low-quality of materials however, if that roofing is installed properly by a professional and experienced roofing service provider and maintained the right way by a professional roofing company such as those contractors from roofers Madison MS, it will definitely last longer compared to a roofing that’s not maintained. It is very important that business owners or homeowners conduct routine inspections and maintenance of their roofs. Failure to do so even the simplest task can lead in unwanted expenses and complication in the long run, which is why it’s best to leave it to the hands of the professionals. 

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